GARM Documents

GARM member companies are committed to being good neighbors! All of our guests are informed about local, subdivision and beach laws and rules.

In fact, they each sign a Guest GARM agreement at the time of booking their reservations. That way, there are no misunderstandings! Please see the GARM Guest Agreement.

Company staff members screen all GARM Guest Registration forms, check in their guests at their offices, and make sure that rules are clearly communicated.

But sometimes, these precautions are not enough. Sometimes, guests break the rules – knowingly or unknowingly. When they do, company staff and/or GARM security officers will be there to make the wrong…RIGHT.

Sometimes, it’s as easy as asking guests to move cars that are parked incorrectly. Sometimes it’s breaking up a party… and in the worst cases, offending guests may be evicted.

GARM Documents: