GARM History

In 2004, West Galveston property management companies formed the Galveston Association of Rental Managers – GARM.

Working with several West End property owners associations and community leaders, GARM developed a plan which addressed the most common complaints about vacation rentals – excessive noise, excessive occupancy, parking problems and trash violations.

The plan consists of a “good neighbor” approach to managing vacation rentals: common guest documentation forms, education of guests and a year-round security patrol service.

GARM Members:

  • Use a common Registration Form which includes the names and ages of all guests and vehicle information
  • Use a common Guest Agreement which outlines local and subdivision rules; it’s a part of each contract and is reviewed and signed at check-in
  • Oversee a professional, uniformed security service which patrols GARM’s West End vacation properties
  • Distribute a list of all guests and rented properties to the security service each weekend

GARM’s security company, GulfWest Patrol Detail, provides:

  • Off-duty, uniformed Galveston police officers on call 365 days/year, 7 days/week, 18 hours/day (noon – 6:00 a.m.).
  • Over 112 hours of weekend patrols each month
  • Additional patrols during peak summer weeks, major holidays and “event” weekends such as Lone Star Rally, prom and spring break
  • Random weeknight patrols, including physical inspection of houses
  • One telephone number, manned every day noon – 6 a.m., for neighbors to call if there’s a problem: 409-682-3603

GARM is responsible for managing and coordinating its security service, publicizing GARM practices, interacting with GulfWest Patrol when situations arise with guests or property owners/associations and working with the City officials on issues relating to vacation rentals.

GARM is proud to provide a West End security force which contributes additional police presence in the community. GARM is also proud that its security force understands the nature of vacation rentals and the importance of maintaining strong guest relations and equally strong community relations.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to predict or control everything that happens in a vacation rental property. Unpredictability is what causes neighbors to object to vacation rental guests. GARM is committed to providing a quality experience for island guests and for the neighboring communities.